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Finding the Walking Dead In Your News Feed

Finding the Walking Dead In Your News Feed


With the The Walking Dead spin off premiering this summer, Monday morning social media is once again going to be filled with spoilers from friends.  If you are looking for a different social media take on zombies, Mashable and have your guide to finding the undead among your social media friends.  


Or do you recognize yourself or your business in any of these?  Surely none of us could fall into the trap of the Twitter #Hashtag #Zombie, filling our #tweets with #unecessary #symbols?  After all, we're #marketing #professionals.


Who did they miss?  What about the Workout Zombie, who never lets a push-up or mile go undocumented?  Or the Brainfall Zombie, who has taken (and posted) every quiz on the Internet?


Here is our promise to you: Click to follow JONES on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and we solemnly swear not to post walking dead in your news feed, pictures of our lunch, our view of the beach, or our kids.  Though if we get a shot of our kids eating lunch ON the beach...



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