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Have You Filled Your Sales Funnel With Content?

Have You Filled Your Sales Funnel With Content? 

Successful inbound or content marketing requires providing the right information to prospects and leads at the right time - meeting them where they are in the sales funnel (or buyers’ journey, however you define it). Unfortunately, there are often holes in our content funnels that allow potential customers to leak out when we don’t provide what they need.

Most often, those holes are in the middle of the sales funnel. It is there that content needs to begin to truly solve the problems your customers are facing.

Think about providing useable content — templates, calculators, checklists and webinars — that will help your prospects and leads tackle their challenges. These offers bridge the space between more general “awareness” content and sales-focused materials such as free trial or product spec sheets.

Using a variety of content and offers will help you reach potential customers no matter what stage of the sales cycle they are in.

Have You Filled Your Sales Funnel With Content?

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