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Social Media Tip: How Often To Post On Twitter

How often should you post on twitter

As anyone familiar with Twitter knows, the platform moves fast. Very fast. A tweet is there, and then it is rapidly buried beneath the steady stream (or rushing torrent) of bite-sized content flowing through mobile devices worldwide.

Think about this:

  • The average Twitter user spends less than 3.5 minutes (that’s just 210 seconds) each time they open the app.
  • And the average lifespan of a tweet is just 15-20 minutes.

(Find more Twitter statistics in this roundup from Oberlo.)

With stats like that, how can you expect to keep up?

In a nutshell, by posting often. Or at least more often than you would post to your other social media platforms.

How often should I post on twitter?

Consider three tweets a day as a minimum, with 15 providing more audience opportunities. While some brands may tweet up to 100 times a day, for most 30 per day is still a high number and beyond that you risk turning followers off. Those tweets don’t all have to be your own original content. Remember that retweeting relevant material from other users is a way to providing your own followers with more useful content, while also showing respect to those Twitter accounts that you value. And you can and should share links to useful, interesting or entertaining articles and videos (as long as they fit your brand messaging and target audience) to keep your handle in front of your followers without relying strictly on owned content.

Need more best practices for your social media strategy?

Check out what, when and how often to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and more in this Complete Guide To Social Media blog post.

But as you dive into those details, don’t forget that one of the driving objectives of a social media strategy is to use those channels to drive leads to your website. Forgetting that connection is a mistake too many marketers forget, which is why we’ve created a problem-solution guide with tips on maximizing the link between the two. Download the whitepaper here: Social Media Mistake—Not Driving Traffic To Your Website.

How can we help you incorporate social media as an integrated element in your overall marketing strategy? I would welcome an opportunity to provide a no-obligation consultation call—just schedule time on my calendar here.

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