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Social Media Tip: Maximize A Daily LinkedIn Post

How to us LinkedIn to market your business

LinkedIn is the top-rated social media platform for B2B marketers, with 95 percent of B2B content marketers using it as a primary channel for distribution of organic content. And some studies show it is nearly 3x as effective in generating B2B leads as Facebook. (Source)

How can you maximize LinkedIn’s potential in your own content marketing?

  1. Focus on quality of content, not quantity.
  2. Use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website.

First, remember that LinkedIn is not like Twitter. This isn’t the place for a constant stream of updates throughout the day. LinkedIn is where you want to post one high quality piece of content each day, building authority and thought leadership. Examples of what to post include business and career-oriented blog posts, LinkedIn articles, videos and links to related materials.

How often should I post on LinkedIn?

Second, use your posts to link back to your website. Post a short excerpt from your latest blog post with a link to the full text. Post a thought-provoking statistics from a report and link to the landing page for a download. Write a full-length LinkedIn article and include in-text links to related blog posts on your website. (Note that LinkedIn articles can only be published on personal LinkedIn pages, not company pages; have your key executives use their LinkedIn pages to build thought leadership just as they would by being the listed author on bylined contributed articles in industry media.)

By developing high quality content, once a day is enough to generate engagement without overwhelming followers or making your LinkedIn presence seem spammy in the business setting.

(Find much more than just a quick tip for LinkedIn in our Complete Social Media Guide blog post, including what, when, and how often to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.)

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