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Is Your Website Ready For Voice Search?

Is Your Website Ready For Voice Search_

From Google Assistant and Siri on the mobile phones in everyone’s pocket, to Amazon’s Alexa in several rooms of the most-connected homes, or the less-used Bixby and Microsoft Cortana platforms, voice search is rapidly growing, as Top Shelf Media outlines in the infographic below.


We use it to find recipes, play music, shop, get recommendations for a nearby coffee shop, and much more. Is your website ready to make the most of voice search?


Voice Search in 2019



As noted, the top search words used include “how”, “what” and “best” — so take time to think about how you can incorporate those into your website copy and blog articles in order to capture higher voice search rankings. Ways of doing so include creating “how to” blog posts and lists of the best _______ (fill in the blank with something related to what your customers are looking for). Also, be sure to complete the meta data and rich snippets for each page of your website, as those rich snippets may be what the voice assistant reads back to searchers.

And, as with any SEO efforts, pay attention to the details. Get a useful template and guide to on-page SEO by clicking here. The download is free (and just happens to be the most popular resource in our entire Inbound Marketing Learning Library).


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