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Quick Tip: 10 Ways to Use Research Results In Marketing Content

Quick Tip: 10 Ways to Use Research Results In Marketing Content

Conducting original research is a big undertaking, requiring a sizeable investment of time and resources, so you don’t want to ever let the results of your research go to waste.

Whether your research involved sifting through electronic data or compiling the results of surveys, focus groups and individual interviews with your customers and prospects, put what you learn about your industry and the industries and individuals you serve to good use.

A slick report may be the most obvious first project, but here are 10 more ideas for using your research results in marketing content:

  1. Blog posts

  2. Infographics

  3. Social media images

  4. Social media status updates

  5. Press releases

  6. In-house presentations to stakeholders

  7. Sales training

  8. Marketing or lead nurturing emails

  9. Trade show visuals

  10. Even telephone hold-time audio background

Our advice: Repurpose and repackage your results as many ways as you can to make the most of your investment in the research.

See how JONES helped West Corporation turn a series  of surveys into nearly a dozen reports, plus blog posts, thought leadership articles, executive speaker engagements and more. Download the case study here.

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