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Quick Tip: Look Beyond Traffic When Analyzing Search Terms

Quick Tip: Look Beyond Traffic When Analyzing Search Terms

When calculating the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, take time to look deeper than the total number of clicks you earn for specific search terms. While clicks/visits are important, it is even more important to consider what happens after that visitor reaches your site.

For example, the term that generates the most traffic to your site might be “elephant socks.” But what if none of those visitors actually buy your elephant socks?

On the flip side, far fewer people search “elephant hats” and visit your site based on that search, but of those who do, 75 percent make a purchase.

With this information, you know you should spend more time creating content and building inbound links around the term “elephants hats” to improve your listing position in the search engine results pages.

It is all part of using the plethora of metrics collected on a continuous basis to continue improving your marketing. Find more ways to put specific marketing metrics to work in Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing with Analytics, a free ebook that is part of our Inbound Marketing Learning Library.

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