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B2B Content Marketing In 2019 And Beyond (infographic)

B2B Content Marketing In 2019 And Beyond (infographic) Copy

When Walker Sands talked to 300 marketers and company leaders earlier this year about the role of content marketing, they found some interesting results.

Not surprisingly, content is nearly universally accepted as a part of B2B marketing: 98 percent of respondents say its performance justifies its cost.

But the interesting conflicts crop up when you look at the responses to two questions:

What kinds of content do B2B marketers think their audiences want?


What kinds of content are B2B marketers creating?


More than 70 percent of marketers say they think their target audiences will prefer video and multi-media content, but more than 40 percent still produce mostly written content.

There was also a split depending on the seniority of the survey respondent: senior management leans toward data reports and case studies, while marketers at director level and below advocate for website content, social media and video. (Perhaps it’s the generational difference we noted here: Millennial Marketing Mindset: Flexible & Mobile.)

How do your priorities for B2B content marketing in 2019 and 2020 match up to the results from the Walker Sands survey? Are you investing in the types of content you believe your audience wants and will respond to?


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