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Quick Tip: Maximize Your Video Marketing Investment

Maximize Your Video Marketing Investment

If you’ve done your homework, each marketing video you create has a specific purpose that was determine as part of your initial strategy development. (And if you aren’t following a strategy in creating marketing videos, check out why you should in the JONES Marketing Video Solution and Creation Process.)

But just because each video is created with one primary purpose in mind doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to maximize your investment by finding additional uses for your marketing videos.


Here are some ideas for repurposing your marketing videos:

  • Problem/solution video—Even if you created it to be used by sales staff in presentations to close a sale, you could give it additional life as part of a blog post.

  • How-to videos—These make great social media content if short enough, but can also be added into an FAQ page or resource library if they address questions frequently fielded by customer service staff.

  • Explainer video—Perhaps you created this to be on the home page of your website, but it could also be presented as an eye-catching visual when shown in a loop at a booth at your next industry conference.

Always be on the lookout for places to put your marketing videos to work extending the ROI you receive for the effort and budget that went into creating them. You’ll find a total of 28 ideas for using marketing videos in emails, social media, landing pages, and more in our Maximizing Your Marketing Video Checklist. What other ideas would you add to the list?

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