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Social Media: 7 Facebook Statistics That Impact Engagement

7 Facebook Statistics That Impact Engagement

As Facebook’s algorithms continually change — with recent adjustments meaning most users see fewer posts from business pages in favor of posts from the individuals they connect with — finding ways to engage viewers with your content is increasingly essential because it is that engagement which helps the algorithm decide what content and pages to show more frequently.

The numbers highlighted in this infographic from The Daily Positive provide insight into the types of content you should focus on to increase engagement and, consequently, visibility for your page.

Take time to plan your social media content so that you take advantage of these tips, without making every post sounding and looking the same. Schedule a range of posts, even if you are emphasizing these tactics that tend to get more engagement. (Download 101 Things Healthcare Providers Should Post on Facebook for ideas — many apply to any business, not just doctors, dentists and optometrists.)

Our Social Media Scheduling Template is a great way to organize your thoughts and plans each week, setting when each post should be published and detailing what images and links should be used. Download it to use as a team if social media is a shared task in your organization.


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