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Social Media Tip for Spas: Generate Engagement To Improve Visibility

Social Media Tip for Spas_ Generate Engagement To Improve Visibility

With Facebook’s algorithm regularly changing, typically with promises to show users more from their friends and less from brands, it can be challenging to get your content in front of audiences. But, there are ways of improving your success — create content that gets your followers to engage.

 When Facebook shows its users “more from your friends,” that includes showing what their friends are doing on the platform. That means it will show what pages they like, what events they respond to, what posts they comment on, and, of course, what content they share.

The algorithms are also set to show users more content from pages they interact with and less from those they don’t, so the more often one of your followers “likes” a video about a skincare service you offer, comments on a post introducing your newest stylist, or shares your open house event with others, the more likely that follower is to see future posts from your page.


So how do you entice your followers to engage with your Facebook page and posts?

You’ll find 10 great ideas for generating engagement in the infographic below from Red Website Design.

If you want to see how committing to a steady flow of engaging content can impact your social media success — including customer acquisition and sales — check out this success story from Serenity Medical Spa.



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