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Social Media Marketing Tip: Monitor Messages & Respond Promptly

Monitor Messages & Respond Promptly

One of the key benefits to using social media, and Facebook in particular, is the communication aspect. While many forms of content are static in nature, social media is meant to be a two-way path for communication.

Facebook, with its private messaging capabilities built right into the platform, can be a great way for businesses to stay in communication with customers and followers. But it requires vigilance on your part. If you just create a Facebook page and never check it, or only visit to post on occasion, you lose that opportunity for engagement that builds trust and loyalty.

For better or worse, many people today would rather ask a question via messaging or some kind of mobile app than pick up the phone, whether they are making restaurant reservations, seeking to find out if a store carries a specific product, or wanting to know if a medical clinic has the flu vaccine available.

Social Media Marketing Tip: Monitor Messages and Respond Promptly: By monitoring messages, along with the comments made on your social media posts, you can respond quickly and let followers know you are interested and listening. Facebook even rewards those business pages that are quick to answer messages from consumers with a “very responsive to messages” badge on the page.

This type of two-way communication and engagement is just one of the benefits Facebook provides to small businesses, including healthcare providers. Find more in our quick guide: 6 Benefits of Facebook for Healthcare Providers.

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