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Social Media Quick Tip: Create Content For Holidays


Today is Monday, Feb. 17, 2020. That means that here in the U.S., it is also Presidents Day, which always falls on the third Monday of February. Aside from being a great time for retailers to offer sales on bath towels and bedding, appliances and mattresses, it is one of dozens of holidays listed in a downloadable calendar offered by our friends over at HubSpot.

The calendar lists both official holidays like Presidents Day, and less official but more Instagram-worthy options for small businesses to jump on board with such as Star Wars Day (May the Fourth, of course) and National Sunglasses Day.

All of these holidays can be used as inspiration for content to fill your social media calendar, but choose wisely and stay on brand, whether you are creating a serious post for Veterans Day recognizing veterans within your organization or lightening the mood by asking followers to chime in with their favorite food for second breakfast on Hobbit Day (Sept. 22).

Take time now to look through the list of holidays linked above and find a few that blend well with your brand and target audience, then create and schedule that content in advance so you aren’t playing catch-up trying to jump on the bandwagon after you see someone else’s cute photo of their pup hanging out in the breakroom for Take Your Dog To Work Day (June 21). It’s too late once you get to the office and your canine cutie is sound asleep on his pillow at home.

Need a little extra structure to plan out all of your social media posts, including those for special days? Download our Social Media Scheduling Worksheet and get organized.

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