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Social Media Tip For Small Business: Repurpose Content

Social Media Tip For Small Business_  Repurpose Content

Creating content for social media (or writing emails to send to your contact list, or having a designer create a great brochure, or updating your website with detailed descriptions of services and staff bios, etc.) is a significant investment of time, money or both. So don’t use that content — meaning images, videos, or text — only one time. Repurpose it!

Do you have a great video on your website showing how a laser hair removal treatment works? Share it on social media!

Did you write a great introduction of your new aesthetician for your email newsletter? Share it on social media!

Did a graphic artist just create a new brochure with some great graphics that highlight different services? Ask for it to be broken down in several images, sized to the social media channels you use, and …

You get the idea.

And don’t forget that it can work the opposite way, too. If you found a great link that you’ve shared on social media, save it for your next newsletter. If you made a great short Facebook Live video while drawing winners of a door prize at an event, download it and add it to your website’s News page or blog.

Get the most mileage possible from every piece of content you create – whether your business is small or large. You might find ideas your small business can incorporate in this post about how PR and marketing departments can reuse articles designed to be submitted to industry media outlets: 10 Ways To Repurpose Bylined Articles.

A steady flow of content on your social media channels is a key way of staying in front of your potential customers. See how Facebook boosted visibility and sales for Serenity Medical Spa, then talk to us about how it can do the same for you.

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