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Why & How Often SMBs Use Social Media (infographic)

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Social media is no longer an “extra” part of a business marketing plan. For many small businesses, it may be the majority of the strategy, used as a substitute for a formal webpage, as paid advertising, and as organic and word of mouth promotion to reach both new audiences and current customers.

In fact, 9 in 10 marketers say that their social marketing efforts has increased exposure, and 75 percent say it has increased traffic.

Getting those results, however, requires a commitment to creating quality content and staying in front of your followers with organic content in addition to paid promotions. Half of all small businesses say they post on social media daily. Is that enough?

Check out our complete guide to social media here to see what we recommend, based on the social media channel and your goals.


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If you aren’t sure whether organic social media content can really make a difference for you, check out the experience of our client Serenity Medical Spa. In their first month consistently publishing organic content to their Facebook page, the page had 12 times as many page impressions and 89 times as many post shares. Download the case study to learn how they did it. Or schedule a time to talk with us about our social media offerings specifically for spas and other small business categories.

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