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Social Media Tip For Small Business: What To Post In LinkedIn

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Every social media channel has a unique personality that impacts how it is used for marketing. Instagram is all about the image. Pinterest is also visually-oriented and well suited for saving links for the future. LinkedIn is all business.

Thirty million businesses use LinkedIn, including 90 percent of B2B marketers. (Source)

Having a complete and detailed company page, and encouraging employees to link their personal pages to it, provides a strong start to developing a LinkedIn presence that aids in your lead generation efforts.

From there, to make the most of the channel, you need to publish and share valuable content on LinkedIn. This isn’t the place for a lot of lighthearted content you might be able to use on Facebook or even Twitter (though a little humor shows your company is real).

LinkedIn’s algorithm focuses on engagement and connection strength. In order to showcase strong business content, it takes its cues from how many people like, share or comment on posts, as well as how many of those are connected to the user in some way.

Whether you are sharing your own blog posts, insightful articles, infographics and videos from other sources, or publishing LinkedIn articles, be sure the content is something that will benefit your followers in their business and career goals.




Do use LinkedIn for business announcements and to recognize the achievements of your company and your staff, but balance brand-focused content with useable information for your followers to avoid being flagged as spam or “unfollowed” due to excessive promotion.

As with other platforms, the level of engagement with text-only posts trails that of content that includes an image (images receive almost twice as many comments as text-only posts). YouTube videos that play automatically in the newsfeed generate a 75 percent higher share rate.

LinkedIn is an essential channel for B2B marketers to use in establishing a strong brand position and to reach essential decision makers — four out of five people on LinkedIn “drive business decisions.”


Learn more about making the most of all of your social media marketing in our complete social media guide blog post, and download our Social Media Scheduling Template to start planning your LinkedIn content for the coming months. If you want to know more about how JONES can help you plan and execute a social media strategy or complete integrated marketing strategy, schedule a consultation here. You can find JONES on LinkedIn or follow along with marketing advice and insights from me and my partner, Kristin Jones.

Sources: Hootsuite and The Balance SMB

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