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Time Management For More Effective Social Media

Time Management For More Effective Social Media

How much time can you commit to your social media marketing and public relations efforts each day and each week?

I know that it seems like just one more thing to do that you don’t have time for, but by determining in advance what you can commit to doing, you’ll both improve the efficiency of your social media work and develop a sustainable routine that ensures you don’t lose visibility online.

In this infographic from Gloria Rand, you can pick your daily time commitment — 30 minutes? 60 minutes? — and get a list of the essential tasks you should be able to complete in that window. Then add in a different weekly task each day to round out your social media marketing routine.

Looking for another aid to keeping your social media work organized and on-task? Download our Social Media Scheduling Worksheet to plan your tweets, posts and content for each week. It could be a great tool for sharing writing and posting duties between team members and keeping everyone in the know.


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