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How B2B Marketers Use Social Media in 2016

How B2B Marketers Use Social Media in 2016

Social media marketing is a natural for large consumer brands, with its capability of reaching a large and diverse audience. But the informal nature of the networks can be a trickier path to navigate for B2B marketers. Despite this, social media is increasingly important to the overall B2B marketing mix.

Real Business Rescue puts into hard numbers how social media can benefit B2B enterprises when done correctly:

  • 90 percent benefit from increased exposure

  • 54 percent generate leads from social media

  • 50 percent have reduced marketing costs


How are you incorporating social media marketing into your B2B marketing strategy? Social media, including who will manage it (Marketing? PR? Customer service?) should be a part of your comprehensive content strategy.

Download the following resources and tools to help you plan and manage your entire content strategy, including social media marketing:

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