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Social Media Tip: When To Post New Videos On YouTube

Social Media Tip: When To Post New Videos on YouTube

YouTube is not only the largest repository of video content on the web, but also the de facto second most-used search engine out there, with more than 3 billion searches performed every month.

And those searches are for more than music videos, how to replace the bathroom faucet and documentation of funny “fails”. More than half of B2B marketers are also using YouTube as a way of providing valuable content, such as explainer videos, customer testimonials, and how-to guides, to customers and prospects. (Source)

While search is one primary way that your videos will be found on YouTube, algorithms also play a key role in suggesting videos to regular users, and timing the release of your new videos can help them be seen in the “suggested” video feeds of users who have interests that match your topics.

The best time to post is between 2 and 4 p.m. Central or Eastern time, which provides an opportunity for YouTube to index your video before prime viewing hours of 7-10 p.m. Or, if you prefer to have your video post on a weekend, post earlier (10-11 a.m.) to catch the higher traffic levels in the afternoons on Saturdays and Sundays. 

When should I post on YouTube?

When to post is only one of the decisions you will need to make to maximize your investment in developing video content for YouTube and other channels. You’ll find a detailed list of best practices for using social media in B2B marketing in this blog post: Your Complete Guide To Social Media.

Video should be a part of your marketing mix. Learn more about creating video content that supports your marketing strategy by downloading this ebook: The JONES Video Process & Solution. Or schedule a time to talk with me about how you can incorporate video into your current strategy—my calendar is open here.

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