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Use Detailed Metrics to Improve Marketing Content

Use Detailed Metrics to Improve Marketing Content

Sometimes marketers need to consider the bigger picture as they examine their metrics (here is one recent example we discussed). Other times, the smallest details can be the key to big improvements.

For instance, what can you learn by looking at your business blog from the standpoint of individual post views?

If you export the statistics on all of your blog posts, group the posts by topic, and analyze the views for each individual post, you may see that certain topics perform better than others. Those topics should be the ones you emphasize in future content creation.

Then sort all posts by views. Do you notice any trends in the post title structure in posts that receive the most views? Do those that include “How to” generate more readership? Do readers seem to respond more to posts with titles that indicate they are lists? Start using more of that format in your future blog posts and other content creation efforts.

Our advice: Take the time to look closely at small details as well as the big picture. Find more ways to put your marketing metrics to work improving your content strategy in Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing with Analytics. This free ebook is a great place to start improving your marketing.

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