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Marketing Tip: Document Your Business Blog Strategy

marketing tips: 4 ways documenting your blog strategy will improve its effectiveness as a marketing tool.


One of the biggest mistakes I see companies make when they decide to start a business blog is failing to plan and document how they will use the blog, what it will look like, and what they want the blog to accomplish.

Don’t make that mistake — a mishmash of random posts, published with no real objectives in mind, is a waste of time. Instead, invest the time into developing a business blog strategy based on what you want to accomplish.

Here are four basic steps to get started:  

1. Create a goal for publishing frequency. Will you blog once a month? Once a week? Daily? Choose a schedule and commit to it. 

2. Identify keywords and topics that appeal to all of your customer personas. Write posts specifically for each of them. Think in terms of what problems they are seeking to solve. 

3. Map blog posts to overall campaigns. Your blog can only generate leads if it is linked to full inbound marketing campaigns.

4. Find good writers. And, give them the time and tools for creating valuable content.

Need to know more? Read our Problem/Solution Paper about avoiding the pitfalls of not documenting your business blog strategy, then use the resources in our Business Blogging Tool Kit to get started on the right foot.


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