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Use Service Level Agreements to Align Marketing & Sales Quotas

Use Service Level Agreements to Align Marketing & Sales Quotas

Would the departments in your company tasked with driving revenue be described as sales AND marketing, or sales VS. marketing? The latter is not inevitable, if you implement planning and goal setting that both departments buy into. The benefits to that buy-in are great.

According to the Aberdeen Group, companies with good sales and marketing alignment achieved 20 percent annual revenue growth. (Click to tweet)

One tool for achieving that alignment is a Service Level Agreement (SLA), based on your company’s historic closing rates, lead value, and lead generation levels. Armed with actual dollar values, the SLA outlines how many leads, and which types, you need to reach quota. (Click to Tweet)

Our advice: Take the time to do the math and develop an Service Level Agreement for your team to create an environment primed for success. Our Calculating Leads and Sales Goals template is a perfect place to start.


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