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Video Marketing: The Generation Gap Amongst Marketers


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It’s no secret that different generations make purchase decisions differently, gather their information from different sources, and have different priorities in establishing their lifestyles and preferences. But, as more millennials are moving into leadership roles in marketing, the generation gap is becoming just as pronounced in how each approaches video marketing.

As consumers, millennials are fully engaged with digital and video, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that as marketers, they turn to those channels first, as shown in a Magisto study.

What stands out a bit more, is the willingness or desire of millennials to develop multiple variations and test their videos to find the best options and continually change and optimize the content they create.

Regardless of which generation you fall into—and how much you vary and test your video content—maximizing the investment by using videos in a variety of ways just makes sense. Download our How To Maximize Your Marketing Videos checklist for 28 ways you can incorporate video into your content marketing strategy.



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