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Marketing Goals + Documented Strategy = More Marketing Success

Marketing Goals


Can you reel off the goals your marketing department has set for 2018? What are your targets for lead generation, lead-to-sale conversion rates, average revenue from marketing-influenced customers?

Had you even set those kinds of marketing goals?

According to CoSchedule, setting goals is one of the first steps toward marketing success, with marketers who set goals being 4 times as likely to report success as those who don’t.

Not only do they set goals, but they define their key performance indicators (KPIs) and document the marketing strategy they will use to attain those goals. 



We agree with the need to set goals that have defined measurements, document a specific strategy, and then review data to make changes as needed after implementing the strategy.

We spell out those steps and our reason behind them in our JONES Marketing Methodology. Click here to see “How We Do It. Or check out our blog posts and resources with more details on goal-setting for marketing:


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