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When Hiring Staff, Give the Scrapper A Chance

When Hiring Staff, Give the Scrapper A Chance

When it comes time to hire a new member for your marketing team, you will likely have a wide range of candidates to choose from. Once you’ve narrowed the field down to those who meet the requirements, it’s time to start interviewing.

Who will you call in? Human resources executive Regina Hartley encouraged a TEDTalk audience not to let an imperfect resume keep them from choosing a person who has overcome adversity. A less than linear education path and disjointed job history, she said, could be indicative of someone who has difficulty staying committed, but it can also be the sign of someone who is very committed - to doing what it takes despite hurdles in their way.

She calls these people “scrappers.”

 “When things don’t turn out well, scrappers ask ‘What I can do differently to get a better result?’,” Hartley says.

That sounds like the kind of person you may want when introducing a new strategy, such as an inbound marketing: someone who is willing to keep trying and looking for new opportunities and ways to succeed.

Whether you are hiring new staff or reorganizing and retraining your existing marketing department for inbound, think about capitalizing on the strength of a scrapper. And find more tips for bringing inbound talent to the front in our free ebook, Guide to Resourcing Your Inbound Strategy.

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