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Why Blogging Trumps Advertising

There was a time when a business's communication with customers was limited to an advertising slogan, a glossy image and sales receipt.  But today, in a world saturated with information, consumers want more.  They research their purchases on social media and blogs, and want to know more than product features and prices.  Articles, not advertising, are how 70% of consumers prefer to get to know a company. (Click to tweet!)

why blogging trumps advertising

A business blog provides a hub for the kinds of content your customers want from you.  Introduce yourself today, as a company, not just a product.  In the world of inbound marketing right now – blogging trumps advertising.  Posting too much product-centric information is one of the 15 mistakes many business blogs make.  Learn how to correct this one, and 14 more, by downloading our free ebook, 15 Business Blogging Mistakes & Easy Fixes.



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