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B2B Marketing Content: What Buyers Want from Vendors [infographic]

January 26,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones

B2B Marketing Content What Buyers Want from Vendors (infographic)

B2B buyers don’t make purchases on impulse. And they also don’t simply believe whatever a salesman tells them..

According to a report from the Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief, more than 4 out of 5 B2B buyers do research before contacting a vendor, with 2/3 of them turning to sources beyond the manufacturer and vendor.

One of those sources is likely to be a trade publication, industry news site or similar media.

So, how can you get your information in front of B2B buyers in a format they will use and trust? 

1. Create credible content. Don’t fill your content with superlatives and sales messages. Provide useful information that is more educational than promotional.

Distribute B2B marketing content in a number of ways—including contributed articles, business blog posts, educational videos and social media.

If you are targeting contributed articles as part of your 2018 B2B content marketing strategy, download How to Get Your CEO Published. Our step-by-step guide goes beyond placing the initial bylined article to maximizing the research and writing that went into by repurposing the content and promoting the article to further increase the reach and visibility of your brand.


And, here's that infographic I promised you: 


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