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B2B Marketing Content Preferences You Need to Know [infographic]

B2B Marketing Content Preferences (infographic)

B2B software buyers, and presumably other B2B buyers, are shifting their preferences when it comes to where they get information for making purchase decisions.

While word-of-mouth referrals are still cited by the majority of respondents to HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound Report, the number of buyers who mentioned word-of-mouth is decreasing (perhaps due to our increasingly electronic modes of communication and less face-to-face time with peers?).

But more are willing to consider B2B marketing content authored by the vendors themselves. In fact, just as many B2B buyers cited vendor-authored materials as a primary source of information as cited media articles.

To me, that means that our approach to inbound and content marketing — focused on providing impartial, educational material at the top of the sales funnel and providing more specific information as a lead nears a purchase decision — is on the mark.

Are you involved with making B2B purchasing decisions for your company? Where do you turn for information? Are you more willing now than in the past to consider B2B marketing content from the vendor as a primary source?

Find more information about what B2B buyers are seeking, and their preferences for content, communication channels and more, in State of Inbound 2017.

And, here's a handy marketing infographic with the highlights. Enjoy!




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