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Do The Math To Calculate Marketing Goals (video)

January 10,2020 |BY: Kristin Jones

Do The Math To Calculate Marketing Goals

One of the most common questions I’m asked is this:

How much website traffic, and how many sales leads, do we need to generate to enable our company to achieve its revenue goals?

That’s a very good question, and it’s one you should be asking, because everything you do as a marketer should be focused toward the end goal of achieving your company’s objectives. And we know that marketers who set goals are 4x as likely report success as those who don’t.

In this video, I’ll walk you through the steps of doing the math to determine what your marketing goals, starting with these three steps:

  • Establish how much revenue marketing needs to drive to support business growth.

  • Calculate the number of net new customers marketing must bring to the table to achieve revenue goals.

  • Determine how many website visitors marketing must attract and convert into customers to meet and exceed business goals.



Another way of calculating goals for marketing and sales, and creating alignment between the two, is providing in our Calculating Lead Goals template, which also provide the format for a service-level agreement between sales and marketing outlining how overall goals will be met through the combined efforts of both departments.


I would also love to chat with you to look at your specific numbers and what it will take to meet your company’s revenue goals. Book a no-obligation meeting with me if you’d like to learn more.

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