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Increase Landing Pages to Increase Leads

August 24,2015 |BY: Kristin Jones

Increase Landing Pages to Increase Leads

Marketing, whether inbound or traditional outbound, is all about how to increase leads. With inbound marketing, leads are generated when a website visitors fills out a form on a landing page to receive content or another offer. It just follows, then, that more landing pages mean more leads. In fact, companies that increase landing pages from 10 to 15 report 55 percent more leads. (Click to Tweet!)  


The impact is even greater for B2B companies. New leads reported by B2B businesses with more than 40 landing pages are more than double those of businesses with 21-40 landing pages. (Click to Tweet!


Landing pages are for more than just ebook or white paper downloads. Use them for newsletter subscriptions, free trials or webinars to gain leads.


Our advice: Find ways to increase the number of landing pages your website offers to maximize lead generation.


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