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Make Time For Social Media Marketing (infographic)

May 08,2019 |BY: Kristin Jones

Make Time For Social Media Marketing (infographic)

Effective social media marketing takes time, but finding the time to create engaging content, respond to follower comments, and plan future campaigns pays off in increased awareness, satisfied customers and new prospects.

You may not be able to dedicate yourself to being a full-time social media marketer (no small business owner or even mid-sized marketing manager can!), but if you can find 30 minutes or 60 minutes to set aside at a time, you can chip away at the tasks that make a difference in your business’s overall marketing success.

By determining in advance what you can commit to doing, or commit your staff’s time to accomplishing, you’ll both improve the efficiency of your social media work and develop a sustainable routine that ensures you don’t lose visibility online.

In this infographic from Gloria Rand, you can pick your daily time commitment — 30 minutes? 60 minutes? — and get a list of the essential tasks you should be able to complete in that window. Then add in a different weekly task each day to round out your social media marketing routine.

Sometimes, finding additional help for some of your social media efforts makes sense. Serenity Med Spa realized that an active Facebook page was essential, but wanted to keep their front desk staff focused on providing excellent customer service and scheduling appointments, so the business contracted with JONES to provide the great content that would drive a huge increase in social media visibility, engagement, and in new customers. Learn how JONES helped Serenity maximize the impact of organic Facebook content in this case study.

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