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Quick Marketing Tip: Set SMART Goals for 2018

December 18,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

Quick Marketing Tip: Set SMART Marketing Goals for 2018

Have you outlined your 2018 inbound marketing campaign calendar yet? What about goals—do you know what you want those campaigns to achieve?

Without a strong handle on what you want to achieve, it will be tough to pinpoint the specific actions that will lead to success. That’s why the first step in our JONES Inbound Marketing Methodology is to “do the math.” We start by knowing the destination (typically sales or revenue goals) and working backward to set strategic benchmarks along the way:

  • How many new customers are needed to achieve those revenue goals?

  • How many leads will it take to acquire that many customers?

  • How much website traffic is needed to capture the necessary number of leads?

  • What volume of content creation and content promotion will be needed to attract that level of traffic?

When you know those targets and have established SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based), everyone from the marketing team to sales department to C-suite can agree on what constitutes success.

Marketing Tip: Break down your metrics even farther, and create micro-goals for specific marketing tactics, by determining the ROI of each individual campaign or effort. This ebook tells you how: Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing With Analytics.

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Unlock Your Marketing ROI with Analytics

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