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Don't Short-Change A/B Testing Efforts

August 17,2015 |BY: Kristin Jones

Don't Short-Change A/B Testing Efforts


When you are A/B testing landing pages to find out what variables you can change to gain conversions (copy, form fields, image, etc.), don’t try to reach your conclusions too soon. For a landing page A/B test, it’s a good idea to wait 15-20 days before evaluating your results. (Click to Tweet!)  That gives you time to see trends and reach an accurate conclusion.


So what constitutes a significant difference that would justify making changes? Before launching an A/B test, determine what the necessary significance is; 97-99 percent statistical significance is a good target. (Click to Tweet!)  


Our advice: Set a statistical significance goals for your A/B testing efforts, then be sure to give it enough time to generate accurate results.


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