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Social Media & Blogging Tip: Complete Meta Descriptions

June 11,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones

Social Media & Blogging Tip_ Complete Meta Descriptions

Social media is a natural medium for sharing the business blog posts you write to add content and boost SEO power on your business website. Every blog post you write should be shared multiple times over the course of a few days, weeks or months in order to increase potential traffic.

Maximizing the number of clicks your blog posts get from social media starts with ensuring you’ve set up your blog posts and pages appropriately, so that they display properly and attract visitors when shared on social media.

When you share a blog post on Facebook or other social media, the platform pulls in the page’s meta description — the same bit of information that appears in search results. Without a meta description, Facebook may instead simply display whatever text appears first on the page, which won’t necessarily be the attention-grabbing, descriptive content you need to inspire readers to click through.

Since you want your blog posts/pages to be enticing, both on social media and in search results, it pays to take time to write a meta description for each one.

Learn more about meta descriptions, rich snippets, Schema mark up and other tools that enhance the appearance of your search results and social media shares to increase click-through and conversion rates. Download our cheat sheet here.

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