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What Do You Know About Your Marketing Content?

January 01,2020 |BY: Kristin Jones

What Do You Know About Your Marketing Content_

No marketing or public relations campaign is completed when the last of the content is published and promoted. There is still one important step to undertake in order to maximize the results of your next campaign: analysis.

It is important to know as much as you can about your content and campaign, and the results it yields, in order to improve the next time around. That means monitoring key metrics, digging through the data, and uncovering what Spiralytics calls content intelligence in this infographic.

Using content intelligence, marketing metrics, and marketing and media audits to inform your next campaign or a new strategy can provide these benefits:

  • You will know what kinds of content to produce.

  • You will know where to distribute your content.

  • You will find opportunities to improve your content.

  • And you can uncover why content succeeds or fails.


Whether you use the tools outlined above, or look to an agency to perform an impartial audit of your marketing strategy, marketing content, or media performance, knowing what works and what doesn’t is essential to improving the next time around. Learn more about why failing to use audits to inform your marketing strategy is a mistake, and how you can correct it by downloading our problem/solution paper here. Or set up a no-obligation call with me to talk about what type of audit or metrics analysis would be most valuable for you.




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