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Take Your Content Strategy Beyond the Blog

Take Your Content Strategy Beyond the Blog


Strategies are wonderful things. They provide the blueprints we need to ensure that day-to-day tasks are completed and fall into place. Your blog calendar is one form of strategy; a list of planned email blasts is another. But are you stepping back far enough to see the big picture?


Developing a true inbound marketing content strategy means going beyond the blog (Click to Tweet!), and creating a plan that includes content for every buyer, in a wide range of formats. Even public relations has a role to play, which was why I shared content strategy insights with the Public Relations Society of America.



Does that seem like too much to bite off? We have six easy to steps toward crafting a complete content strategy in our ebook: Introduction to Creating a Companywide Content Strategy. Download it and start planning today.


6 Steps To Creating Enviable Brands

Download our guide 6 Steps to Creating Enviable Brands to learn the crucial steps you should follow to create an enviable brand for your company.

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