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What Marketers Want From Their Marketing Data (Infographic)

December 09,2016 |BY: Kristin Jones

What Marketers Want From Their Marketing Data (Infographic)

Data management and analysis is increasingly essentially to marketing, especially as inbound marketing tactics and closed loop marketing put worlds more data at our fingertips every day.

In a 2016 report, The State of Marketing Data Management, Openprise examined how nearly 200 B2B marketing professionals are using data.

Not surprisingly (because we’ve heard it frequently) proving ROI is the most important goal marketers set for their marketing data management strategies.

Beyond proving ROI, data is also a key to helping marketers make more accurate decisions, target their campaigns and personalize content.

What Marketers Want From Their Marketing Data (Infographic)

Tools such as the closed loop marketing and metrics offered through content management system like HubSpot (JONES is a certified partner) make data gathering and analysis simpler and more effective.

Find out more about how managing your marketing data can prove and improve ROI and marketing success in The Data You Need to Know: JONES+HubSpot Analysis Solutions or by requesting a demo of HubSpot’s integrated content management, lead nurturing, and customer relationship management services.

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