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What Will It Cost To Add Video To Your Marketing Mix?

July 10,2019 |BY: Kristin Jones

 What Will It Cost To Add Video To Your Marketing Mix_

Video, in some form, has become an essential element in most companies’ marketing content strategy, whether as an explainer video on the home page of a website, as live video on Facebook, or to be used in personal presentations and trade show settings.

In many cases, companies are employing all of these video formats and more. But despite the availability of technology at an affordable rate (in some cases, already in your pocket in the form of a cell phone), creating a high quality video for marketing purposes still comes at a cost.

Check out this breakdown from Make a Video Hub for specifics on what you can expect to create marketing videos for your brand.

Costs can vary greatly between a do-it-yourself approach and professional outsourcing, as can quality. Take a hard look at whether your company has the needed equipment, talent and time to take on an in-house video project or if the possible investment in outsourcing makes more sense to stay on schedule and on-message.

One thing to note, these figures and tips largely reflect video created primarily with video recordings. Don’t overlook the potential for sharing your brand messaging and other important information with animation, as well, which can range from the tongue-in-cheek pun-filled advertisements for a brand like Duluth Trading Company to serious discussions based on research and statistics, as in these videos we’ve created for Intrado (formerly West Corporation).

More food for thought as you ponder your approach to using video in your marketing mix:


Learn more about the JONES approach to using video as part of an integrated marketing strategy here: The JONES Video Solution & Process.




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