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What Your Small Business Can Learn From Facebook Insights

May 16,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones

What Your Small Business Can Learn From Facebook Insights

Tracking metrics and measuring results are key elements in any marketing plan, whether the business is large or small. Without measurement and analysis, you won’t know if you are spending your limited marketing budget in the right places or if you could improve results with simple changes.

Luckily, many platforms provide a wealth of direct data back to marketers and business owners who are hoping to maximize their ROI. The Facebook Insights section, for example, provides those with business pages a wealth of information.

This infographic from Business Backer walks you through more than two dozen measurements and results you should review to make the most of your Facebook efforts.

Small businesses of all types are finding Facebook to be not just useful, but in many ways essential, to their overall marketing efforts. Healthcare is no exception. Learn more about how social media and healthcare work together in this booklet: 6 Ways Facebook Benefits Healthcare Providers.

Courtesy of: The Business Backer

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6 Benefits of Facebook for Healthcare Providers

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