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Work Efficiency and Satisfaction Boils Down to This: Trust

July 22,2015 |BY: Kristin Jones

work efficiency and satisfactions boils down to trust


Where do you work? I don’t mean what company do you work for but where, physically, do you do your work? In a corner office, a cubicle, an open-plan space, a coffee shop or the comfort of your home? Given today’s technology, any of those is completely possible for workers in knowledge-based or creative roles. But for most companies, the idea of flexibility isn’t working the way visionaries thought it would, and Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft UK explains why, with visuals from RSA-Animate.



Trust is key to our success at JONES. For us, this is the foundation for work efficiency and satisfaction.  We hire professionals we can trust to work without looking over their shoulders, ready to pounce on any error or hesitation. That kind of management is not only unnecessary when you hire the right people, but it would impossible for our team, which is spread from San Francisco to Omaha and St. Louis to the United Kingdom.


Do you wonder how we do it? Just read a little about our team and you’ll see why it works. Or schedule a time to talk with me.


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