Refreshing Yes Health’s Branding

Rebrand Success Story


Implementing a Refreshed Brand Image for Yes Health

A modernized brand to set the stage for growth

Yes Health is an all-mobile health coaching platform designed to help people lose weight, adopt healthy habits and reduce the risk of chronic disease. As is typical of many health tech startups, Yes Health lacked a cohesive brand platform and had outgrown the messaging and marketing assets developed in the company’s early stages.

Working in collaboration with colleagues at Best Friend Jack, JONES led the implementation of the company’s new branding across all major brand touchpoints, including its main market-facing website. This gave Yes Health a modern, fresh, enviable look and feel to support the next phases of scale and expansion, as well as improving the website’s ability to attract and convert visitors.

The results were noticeable: over the next 6 months, Yes Health saw a 17% increase in website sessions and a 13-fold rise in conversions  from website visits.  


Yes Health Highlights

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Fresh Design, Streamlined Functionality

JONES partnered with Best Friend Jack to finalize design and copy for a reimagined website, providing editorial guidance for messaging that resonates with Yes Health's dual audiences: consumers and organizations. JONES led the technical team also, transitioning the site to HubSpot’s CMS and incorporating drag-and-drop functionality for ongoing development, ensuring the Yes Health team optimal functionality for years to come.


New Look, Will Travel

To support Yes Health’s increased focus on B2B sales, JONES translated the company’s new messaging and design into exhibits and supporting materials for use at industry conferences. Yes Health debuted its new brand to rave reviews at Thrive Summit, a premier conference for employee health and well-being using JONES-created promotional materials, in-booth animation, social media marketing, and a presentation.


Why we understand this market so well

The JONES team boasts a combined 60+ years of experience supporting companies at the intersection of healthcare and technology. We understand how to create messaging that personalizes the brand to reach beyond technologic details to emphasize the human impact, reaching consumer and business audiences with content that resonates to support sales and marketing.

Brand-Building Content

JONES led the implementation of new branding and messaging across all Yes Health materials and created a messaging and positioning strategy as well as new assets to further communicate Yes Health’s value to health plans and employers. The result? A cohesive, core set of materials that tell a clear brand story, consistently support marketing and sales efforts and position Yes Health as an innovative solution.


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