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Social Media Tip: Using Hashtags in Facebook for Business

October 18,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

While Facebook is not as reliant on hashtags for content discovery and promotion as other social media platforms, such as Instagram, they can still be a valuable tool for brands to use in establishing a consistent presence.

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Topics: Social Media

Why Image Optimization Matters: Conversions, Speed & SEO

October 12,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

With so many details involved in crafting a business website that achieves your goals of attracting visitors, converting them to leads and then customers, and retaining customers through excellent experiences, it can be easy to overlook one simple step: optimizing images.

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Topics: SEO, Website

10 Ideas for Making Your Marketing Content Interactive

October 05,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

Just text is not enough.

Even adding images and video may not be enough.

Think about expanding your marketing content beyond something for your audience to passively consume to something that requires the audience to actively engage.

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Topics: Website, Content, Interactive Content

Email Marketing: 10 Etiquette Rules To Improve Performance

September 23,2021 | BY: Scott Muff


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Topics: Strategy, Position Your Brand, Email

How To Create SEO-Friendly Content

September 15,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

The days of hyper-focus on simply putting the right keywords in the right places and counting on search engines to do the rest have passed, but that doesn’t mean that writing content for search is over.

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Topics: SEO, Strategy

Social Media Marketing Tip: How To Hashtag Your Tweets

September 09,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

For nearly a decade, before Instagram took its use to new heights, the hashtag was nearly synonymous with Twitter, the social media platform that introduced its use in 2007 as a way of categorizing conversations and organizing posts.

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Topics: Social Media, Strategy

Video Marketing in 2021: What You Need To Know (infographic)

August 31,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

How has your approach to video changed in the last year?

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Topics: Video

Find Inspiration For Your Email Marketing

August 23,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

An integrated content marketing strategy employs multiple strategies to drive lead generation. Website design. SEO. Social media. Blogging. Video. Interactive content.

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Topics: Email

Social Media Tip: How To Choose Hashtags

August 18,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

One of the biggest benefits of creating and implementing social media content as part of an integrated marketing campaign is the opportunity to reach new audiences who discover your content and your brand organically.

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Topics: Social Media

Why Content Marketing? 20 Statistics That Make The Answer Clear

August 04,2021 | BY: Scott Muff

Sometimes the true power of content marketing can be hard to see, but when a few key statistics are applied to the concept, it becomes very clear why 70 percent of marketers actively invest in content marketing.

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Topics: Content Marketing


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