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How Do YOU Use Content In Your Marketing? (Infographic)

December 14,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

Creating content is one piece of the inbound marketing puzzle, but just as important is your strategy for distributing content to reach key audiences. According to a survey by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, the average B2B organizations uses eight different tactics for distributing or promoting content.

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Better Emails: One Case Study—And Dozens Of Stats—At A Time

December 12,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

Email is an essential part of an inbound marketing strategy, from promoting your website, blog or other content, to the automated nurturing emails that strengthen the connection between your brand and your leads. compiled 15 email optimizations hacks and the stats to back them up in this infographic — I’m sure you’ll find a nugget you can use.

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Why Voice Over Matters In Your Marketing Video

December 05,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


Details matter. When creating marketing videos, those details include the voice that represents your brand.

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Why You Lose Leads Midway Through The Funnel

December 04,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


Automated lead nurturing is designed to address a very specific challenge for online marketers: most of your new leads (and perhaps even fewer than 1 in 10 website visitors) are really ready to buy when they first visit your website or convert into a lead.

Lead nurturing is designed to continue the connection with the majority of new leads who are just starting the buyer’s journey and help guide them toward a purchase decision.

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Client Success: QPS Making Mark in Biotech, Pharma Industry

November 30,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

I want to personally congratulate our new biotech/pharmaceutical client QPS on the expansion of its U.S.-based Phase I clinical trial capabilities to support the growing needs of its pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO (contract research organization) partners.

To fill their drug pipelines, large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are buying promising drug compounds that have been developed by small biotech companies up to the point of candidate nomination. These promising compounds then become candidate drugs that the large companies put through rigorous testing and analysis before potentially being reviewed and assessed for approval by the FDA.

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Get More Mileage From Your Marketing Content (infographic)

November 30,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


We know that from an environmental standpoint, single-use items are falling quickly out of fashion, whether plastic straws, plastic shopping bags or foam coffee cups, the push is to replace those “one and done” items with more lasting, reusable alternatives.

Did you know you can do the same thing with your marketing content? Why create single-use material when you can put it to work again and again, in a new format, to reduce your cost of content creation?

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Simple Steps To Better Content

November 28,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


How do you create content that strikes a chord with readers and can be easily found by those most likely to read, use and share it?

While the search algorithms and promotion strategies involved in reaching the maximum possible audience may be complex, a few simple rules apply to creating content that meets readers’ needs.

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5 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

November 27,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones


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10 Video Trends To Watch

November 21,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

The English teachers’ lament that no one reads anymore may be more true than we realize, especially when it comes to marketing content. Consumers would much rather watch than read. In fact, according to this infographic by Uscreen, 8 in 10 consumers would rather watch a video from a brand than read a blog, and just as many prefer live video to social media posts.

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Are You Marketing What Sales Is Selling?

November 20,2018 | BY: Kristin Jones

You know, and I know, that marketing plays an essential role in developing leads and in developing demand for your company’s products and services. Marketing content sets the stage for the sales team to close deals that drive corporate achievements.

But even the best marketing content is useless if it isn’t focused on the right products, services, benefits and customers. If what you are marketing isn’t what sales is selling, everyone will miss the mark.

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