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Marketing Quick Tip: 21 Items to Include in Your Website Audit

December 06,2022 | BY: Scott Muff

Did you know that the average lifespan of a successful business website is less than 3 years? Why so short?

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Topics: Website, Audits

What’s Next for Content Marketing?

December 01,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

Content marketing is constantly shifting to adapt to new technology, new market conditions, and changing consumer habits. Today, as we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic but remain in a world in flux, with remote work continuing for many and in-person connections still hampered by continued caution or the financial constraints of inflation, content marketing that reaches audiences is more important than ever.

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Topics: Strategy, Infographics, Content Marketing

Your 7-Step Inbound Marketing Lead Gen Flowchart

November 22,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

The basic concept of inbound marketing sounds simple: create content your audience wants, promote it, convert them to leads, and done!

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Topics: Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Strategy

Quick Read: 2023’s Social Media Marketing Goals

November 15,2022 | BY: Scott Muff

What do you want your social media marketing to achieve in 2023?

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Topics: Social Media, Goal Setting, Metrics

Is Your Website Due for a Redesign?

November 08,2022 | BY: Scott Muff

Your brand’s website is one of its most visible marketing tools, and potentially the most powerful—after all, it is the center of so much of what you do. Videos, blog posts, landing pages, product pages, all are located on that website. It is your front door. When was the last time you looked at it with an impartial eye? When was the last time it changed?

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Online First Approach Essential for B2B Marketing

November 01,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

B2B buyers won’t start their research for solutions by picking up the phone and calling you. And, honestly, they don’t want you to call them out of the blue either. (That’s why the infographic below from Growth Strategies 101 points out that cold calls have a success rate of only 2.5 percent.)

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Topics: Statistics, Content Marketing, B2B Marketing

How Marketers Boost B2B Content (infographic)

October 25,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

You and your team have poured time, energy and inspiration into creating B2B marketing content that you know will resonate with your target audience. Now, how do you get that audience to see it?

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Topics: Social Media, Infographics, Campaign Planning, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, B2B Marketing

Marketing Quick Tip: Keep Your Emails On Target

October 18,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

Email marketing may seem simple on the surface:

  1. Write copy.

  2. Find a great image.

  3. Hook them with a subject line.

  4. Include a CTA.

  5. Send.

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Topics: Email

10+1 Steps to Better SEO

October 11,2022 | BY: Scott Muff

While there are many ways to disseminate your brand’s message and reach potential customers, B2B marketers continue to cite SEO as their most effective tactic. Among respondents to a survey of Search Engine Journal’s Twitter audience, 49 percent said that organic search yields the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel.

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Topics: SEO

How B2B Marketers Will Leverage Video in 2023

October 04,2022 | BY: Kristin Jones

Very few marketers are brand new to video—depending which survey you reference, only between 17 percent and 35 percent of the marketers who used video in their content marketing in 2021 were new to the scene.

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Topics: Statistics, Video, B2B Marketing


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