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Why B2B Tech Brands Are Choosing Integrated Marketing and PR Agencies

June 05,2023 | BY: Kristin Jones

There are many reasons for a B2B tech brand to outsource marketing and PR activities. In fact, according to Statista, nearly half of the marketers surveyed outsource their graphic design, with 25-45% also outsourcing video projects, copywriting, editing and proofreading, SEO and content marketing strategy.

That’s not surprising when you consider the reasons.

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An Inside Look at a B2B Tech Rebrand

May 29,2023 | BY: Kristin Jones

Throughout its 20-year history, Viiz has provided robust technology, cutting-edge innovation and a human touch in moments that matter most. Yet its previous brand, messaging and website fell behind in reflecting the company’s evolution, innovation and market expansion.

Here’s an inside look at this successful B2B tech rebrand: 

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Topics: Branding, Website, Client Success, Design

B2B Content Marketing Tip: Know What Your B2B Audience Needs

May 08,2023 | BY: Kristin Jones

When Semrush asked thousands of marketing leaders what factors lead to success in content marketing, the most commonly chosen answer was this: researching our audience. In fact, nearly half of marketing leaders cited researching their audience as the greatest factor in success.

That response edged out search engine optimization, publishing more content, and even improving the quality of content. 


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Media Analysis: A 12-Point Checklist

April 24,2023 | BY: Kristin Jones

Media analysis projects are a staple of the public relations world: It’s important to know who is saying what about your business, how often, where and when.

That knowledge is just as vital when crafting your marketing strategies, as all communications should be part of a cohesive strategy that works together.

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Topics: Public Relations, Strategy, Analytics, Audits, Agency Partners

Marketing Quick Tip: Build Complete Brands

March 21,2023 | BY: Kristin Jones

From the outside, when a company introduces a new brand, like Pepsi’s newest entrant in the lemon-lime soda world Starry, that the main component is the image: an eye-catching logo that provides visual differentiation from the slew of competitors behind the glass in the convenience store cooler.

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3 Essential Elements for Today’s Email Marketing Success

March 14,2023 | BY: Scott Muff

Email has long been, and continues to be, one of the marketing channels with the highest ROI, but capitalizing on its potential requires staying in tune with changes in the infrastructure, restrictions and habits of consumers.

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Topics: Email

What Your Business Website Needs Now to Succeed

March 07,2023 | BY: Scott Muff

Website development has come a long way since my first days building them more than 20 years ago. While it was enough then to create what equated to a digital brochure, today’s websites are often the first, and commonly, only, interaction a prospective customer may have with your business, and they need to include all of the elements necessary to turn that interaction into a sale.

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What Marketing Leaders Want From Partner Agencies

March 02,2023 | BY: Kristin Jones

What do marketing leaders want and need from partner agencies?

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Topics: Infographics, Client Success Stories, Agency Partners

Marketing Tip: Don’t Leave Automation Opportunities Untapped

February 21,2023 | BY: Scott Muff

Marketing automation has tremendous potential to streamline what were once manual marketing and sales tasks, tracking leads and data, and bringing multiple content channels together under a single dashboard. I know that marketing leaders often choose an automation solution for one or two primary tasks, but often those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to total capabilities under a single umbrella.

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Topics: HubSpot, Marketing Automation

3 Insights into 2023’s B2B Marketing Trends

February 14,2023 | BY: Kristin Jones

As you settle into your 2023 content marketing routine, it can be beneficial to see what other B2B marketers are doing. Perhaps there is a new channel or tactic that you should start researching or a tip that will kick your next campaign up a notch.

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Topics: SEO, Strategy, Statistics, Agency Partners, B2B Marketing


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