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Primaris: Turning Inbound On For More Leads

February 21,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

How can a regional healthcare consultation firm, formerly focused on government RFPs and contracts, enter the commercial marketplace on a national level without breaking the bank on aggressive advertising?

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Topics: Lead Generation, Strategy

Quick Tip: Put CTAs In The Obvious Places

January 23,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

I’ve called it “the magic formula for turning visitors into leads”. The call-to-action. That magic button that tells your website visitor, blog reader or social media follower “click here.”

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Topics: Calls-to-action, Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing Still Generates More Leads

January 06,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

It has been almost 2 years since we first published this infographic highlighting how inbound marketing was the greatest single source of leads for companies responding to HubSpot’s 2014 State of Inbound report.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing

Quick Tip: Lead Conversion Requires Website CTAs

December 19,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

You know your website needs some essential elements in order to be an effective part of your marketing strategy. In fact, we outlined 25 different must-haves in one of our first ebooks: 25 Website Must-Haves.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Planning

Blogging Mistake: Failing to Optimize for Lead Generation

December 08,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

No one likes to make mistakes. But they happen. In the world of content marketing, sometimes marketers can get so caught up in the act of creating content that they overlook the purpose it is being created.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Strategy

Quick Tip: Resolve to Join Forces as a “Smarketing” Team

December 05,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

There are still a few weeks left in 2016 to reflect on the year’s performance and consider ways to do better next year.

How about working more closely with your colleagues in “that other” department? Maybe your company needs a staffwide resolution to strive for more collaboration and less confrontation between the marketing and sales staffs? After all, you are all part of the same team.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Social Media

Social Media and the Marketing Budget (Infographic)

December 02,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


How has your marketing budget evolved in recent years to include social media, both the cost of management and direct costs for advertising?

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Topics: Lead Generation, Social Media

How to Link Social Media to Lead Generation

November 15,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


How do most readers find your content? Search? Email or RSS feed subscriptions? Or is it through the platforms on which the most online time is spent: social media?

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Topics: Lead Generation, Social Media

Quick Tip: 4 Ways to Optimize Thank You Pages

November 14,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


Landing pages are where the magic happens, where your website visitors enter their information and become leads. But it is the follow-up to the landing page—the thank you page—that continues the process of lead nurturing and moving that lead toward your ultimate goal of turning them into a customer.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Landing Pages

How to Optimize 4 Essential Lead Capture Elements

November 11,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


Inbound marketing is built around the concept of providing your prospects with content they want, capturing their information when they download that content, and then following up with automated lead nurturing emails to offer additional, relevant content and move them toward a sale.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Planning


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