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The Growth You Are Missing by Not Nurturing Leads

February 16,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

You’ve created the content: the blog posts, the case studies, the infographics and videos.

You’ve promoted that content through social media, both organic and paid promotions.

And you’ve generated online leads.

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Topics: Sales Funnel, Lead Nurturing

Why Your Inbound Leads Aren’t Turning Into Sales

January 31,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Lead generation isn’t enough. Yes, it takes new leads to drive growth, and inbound marketing is a key way to generate leads that are already a step above purchased lists and cold-calls.

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Topics: Sales Funnel, Lead Nurturing

8 Pieces of the Landing Page Puzzle

January 19,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Winter is a great time to delve into quiet indoor pursuits that keep your mind busy, like jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles provide a great combination of attention to detail and seeing the big picture that can stimulate your brain (or drive you crazy).

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Quick Tip: Using Landing Pages to Kick Off Lead Nurturing

December 12,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

It shouldn’t be a secret that landing pages are the key to online lead generation—they are the part of your website where visitors trade a bit of contact information for a great offer.

But what do you do with those leads once you have them?

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5 Secrets to Humanizing Your Lead Nurturing Emails

September 13,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

We’ve detailed the benefits of using automated lead nurturing to initiate and continue a conversation with website visitors who convert into leads:

And, of course, providing instant response to interested visitors at a time when 25-50 percent of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

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Topics: Lead Nurturing, Personas

6 Lead Nurturing Emails to Use in Your Workflows

August 18,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

When a new lead enters your system by accessing an offer on your website, three-fourths of the time, he or she is not ready to buy. Chances are, all your new lead really wants right now is information.

That means it is time to kick in an automated lead nurturing campaign. Lead nurturing emails receive four to 10 times the response rate of standalone email blasts, because they are not random—they are based on what you already know about this lead, even if all you know is what brought them to your website in the beginning.

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Topics: Lead Nurturing, Strategy

What Can You Learn From Lead Nurturing Metrics?

August 11,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones

As much as marketing sometimes seems like an ancient art, it is also a science. Decisions should be based, whenever possible, on data and actual results from past campaigns.

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Four Ways to Use Customer Proof on Your Website

June 07,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


No matter how great YOU say your products and services are, potential buyers are going to have doubts. They want to hear positive stories from someone else.

Real stories of how you’ve made other customers happy can be a powerful source of content for moving prospects closer to the final buying stages of the sales funnel. Testimonials, case studies and online reviews are all great ways of using customer proof to provide real life success stories that your leads need to hear.

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Four Call-to-Action Mistakes To Avoid

May 19,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


Calls-to-action are your front line defense against short attention spans and information overload on the internet.

These buttons, giving readers a simple instruction about what they should do and why are like stop signs, halting their eyes and their focus long enough to think about where they are going and why.

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Topics: Calls-to-action, Lead Nurturing

Improve Lead Nurturing Email Subject Lines: 3 Things to Remember

May 17,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


Emails are an essential part of your inbound marketing lead nurturing system. It is those automated emails, triggered when someone converts into a lead on your website, that provide you the advantage of a quick response and continued relevant communication.

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