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Quick Tip: Don’t Overlook the Importance of Marketing Data

August 21,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

When you hire a certified HubSpot agency to help implement your inbound marketing strategy, one of the most valuable skills the agency brings to the table is an in-depth knowledge of HubSpot’s available metrics and how to interpret that marketing data to improve.

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Topics: Strategy, Statistics

Quick Tip: Use Audits to Inform Your Marketing Tactics

November 01,2016 | BY: Kristin Jones


Successfully planning inbound marketing and public relations campaigns starts with knowing your current status in terms of media visibility, brand identity, competitive messaging and marketing implementation.

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Topics: Planning, Statistics

Take Action — Improve Marketing Analytics 

September 22,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Statistics are fun. Numbers you can play around with to prove or disprove your theories and opinions, to impress your friends and colleagues, or to back up your assertion that your efforts really are paying off.

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Topics: Closed-Loop Marketing, Strategy, HubSpot, Analytics, Statistics

An Inside Look At What 12 Months of Inbound Marketing Can Do

August 27,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


You’ve been around the marketing block a time or two, so you understand that nothing is instant in the business world. The new fall outfit you will buy next month was chosen by the retailer back in February. The marketing campaign you are planning now won’t be implemented for another month or two, and then it will take time for leads to make their way through the entire sales funnel to be ready to buy.

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Topics: SEO, Sales Funnel, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Content, Strategy, HubSpot, Metrics, Statistics

Is Your Marketing Department Withholding Information?

July 28,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Sales AND marketing. Or is it sales VS. marketing? Unfortunately, for some organizations, the two departments who most need to work together have a tendency to take sides and point fingers when it’s time to set goals, evaluate results or allocate budget.


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Topics: Sales Funnel, Collaboration, Lead Generation, Goal Setting, Inbound Marketing, Closed-Loop Marketing, HubSpot, Presentations, Speaking, Statistics

Measure Twice, Cut Once; It Works for Email, Too

July 27,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Measuring your results is a key component to improving them. Among the results you should be measuring are your email marketing bounce and delivery rates. Your email delivery rate should always stay at 95 percent or higher.  (Click to Tweet!)  Is your email delivery rate where it should be?

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Topics: Analytics, Metrics, Statistics

What 65% of B2B Marketers Are Missing

July 17,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones

Want to know a secret? When a website visitor comes to your site, there’s a 75 percent chance they are NOT ready to buy. It really isn’t that surprising. What is surprising is that 61 percent of B2B marketers would send that lead directly to the sales department. (Click to tweet!)


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Topics: Sales Funnel, Lead Nurturing, Public Relations, Presentations, Speaking, Statistics

Sales & Marketing Can Mix, With the Right Agreements

July 07,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Are your sales and marketing departments like peas and carrots? Or more like oil and water? Unfortunately, too often the answer is the latter. (And public relations? Do they even matter? But that’s for another discussion.)

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Topics: Sales Funnel, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Closed-Loop Marketing, Metrics, Statistics

Quick Tips to Keep Up: Promote Blog With Email Subscribers

June 08,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Increasing the frequency with which you blog can kick off a cascade of results that drive web visits and increase leads.  In an internal study of its customers, HubSpot found that businesses that blog more than once a week add 2x the subscribers of monthly blogs.  (Click to tweet!)

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A Primer on Creating Brand Ambassadors

June 12,2014 | BY: Kristin Jones


I just finished putting the final touches on a presentation I'm giving this week at the 2014 PRSA Midwest District Conference. I'll be there giving a talk about content marketing and how to use inbound to tie PR to sales. (If you're attending the conference be sure to find me and say "hi".) Anyway, as I was going down my checklist of things I need to remember to take to the event, I saw a note I had left myself to ask for a testimonial after my presentation. Asking for a testimonial is one of those things that is easily forgotten and may even make you feel uneasy. Yet if you've done an exceptional job, people are generally happy to give their seal of approval—so not asking can mean missing out on a great endorsement.

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