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12 Steps To Writing Great Content

12 Steps To Writing Content That is Great

Writing is a process. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get into bad habits and skip over parts of that process (especially the ones we don’t really like doing). And skipping steps leads to subpar results.

Ann Handley outlines 12 steps for writing great content in her book Everybody Writes, as shown below in the infographic below. Each of the steps is important, whether you are creating an ebook, drafting a blog post, or even writing a short and simple outbound marketing email.

12 Steps To Writing Content That is Great

We have resources that can make a few of those steps easier.

Not sure how to organize your blog post? One of these five templates is sure to have a structure that fits your information.

Not sure who to write to? Use our template to map out which of your customer personas this piece of content is meant to reach.

Struggling with a headline? Whatever you do, don’t use a click-bait headline like these for your business blog. Instead, follow these 6 rules to write titles that capture the attention.

When you take the time to complete each step of the process when writing content, it will be stronger and more likely to achieve the goal you outlined at the beginning.

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