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20 Ways to Be Indispensable In Your Marketing Job

20 Ways to Be Indispensable In Your Marketing Job

Whether you have just landed a new marketing job, are seeking to advance within your current team, or are simply looking for ways to improve your job performance, there are a few common characteristics that will set you apart as a team member who is indispensable — someone your boss wouldn’t want to have to replace.

While the 20 tips offered in the infographic provided at the end of this post can apply to any position, there are few that are especially helpful for those who work in public relations or marketing jobs, and they are what we look for when building our own marketing team here at JONES.

Pay close attention to these tips, if you want to be the one person on the marketing team your boss can’t imagine doing without:

#2: Embrace change. In a world of rapid advances such as AI and virtual reality, not to mention seemingly daily updates to algorithms for search and social media platforms, today’s marketing pros can’t afford to get stuck in a rut.

#4: Watch the bottom line. As marketers, we can sometimes get caught up in the minutia of performance metrics that matter to us, but overlook the more basic ones that matter to the company’s finances and success. (How to Calculate the Bottom Line Marketing Metrics That Mean Business)

#8: Aim for excellence in every piece of work. Your marketing job likely involves creating content — writing blog posts or emails or social media updates, or overseeing development of marketing videos — and that content needs to be great or it will get lost in the online glut.

#10: Keep your commitments. With team members working from a variety of locations outside of our Missouri headquarters, JONES hires only those team members who can work independently and meet deadlines without constant oversight. My relationship with fellow team members is built on trust.

#18: Seek to gain more knowledge. Keep reading. Download benchmark reports, ebooks, whitepapers and videos that teach you more about today’s marketing world. Read blogs like this one and that of our partner HubSpot.

Looking for more tips on how to succeed in your marketing job — especially if you’ve just taken on a new role as an inbound marketing specialist? Download Your First 100 Days in Your New Marketing Job; this ebook includes checklists for tasks to complete in your first week, 30 days and the days that follow to make a good impression and a positive impact.



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