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4 Keys to Creating A+ Calls to Action

4 Keys to Creating A+ Calls to Action

Calls-to-action play a crucial role in your inbound marketing campaigns — these “buttons” are what link your readers to the landing pages that allow them to actually access the content and other offers you have developed.

So what 4 characteristics define a great CTA?

  • A clear offer: Your call to action  should provide a description of just what the prospect will receive.

  • Action-oriented text: Tell visitors what they will do on the subsequent landing page (“Watch,” “download,” “learn,” “save,” etc.) and avoid passive text.

  • Easy to see: Contrasting colors and whitespace help your CTA stand out and get noticed.

  • Consistent with the landing page: The landing page headline, verbs and images should match up with your CTA so that visitors aren’t confused and don’t think they’ve ended up in the wrong place.

These simple characteristics are key to creating calls-to-action that get results.

Our advice: Take time to grade your calls-to-action and how they are used, then start studying how to make them even better. Our Call to action  Report Card is a great start. Find your free download here, then move to the head of the class.

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