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6 Formats Your B2B Blog Should Include

6 Formats Your B2B Blog Should Include

As humans, we tend to like our routines and habits. We set an alarm for the same time every morning. Breakfast looks identical most days. Following routines and doing things the same way every time is reassuring and comfortable.

But sometimes, it can mean you are stuck in a rut. And while our brains crave routine in what we do, they also crave new experiences in what we read and watch. As a marketer, or the writer of a B2B business blog, that means that while you feel most comfortable writing the same style of blog post every week (or every day), your readers are looking for something new and different.

Shake up the routine with a new format and a varied approach to your business blog using the formats outlined in this infographic from Feldman Creative.

Check out these examples of each format from our own Inbound Accelerator blog, our partner HubSpot and the blogs of our clients:

Guides and how-to posts: In this post, we guide readers, step-by-step, through the process of developing a single content idea into a complete inbound marketing campaign. The post includes diagrams and links to helpful templates. (How To Turn Your Content Ideas Into Complete Marketing Campaigns)

Hot topics: HubSpot’s trio of blogs (marketing, sales and service) not only teach readers about inbound marketing, but also incorporate the latest news in all things digital marketing, from updates to Google’s search algorithm to stories like this one from earlier this month about Amazon taking on Facebook and Google in the advertising market. (Will Amazon Take Over Digital Ad Space?)

Research and insights: West Corporation has used original research extensively in developing content for its healthcare division’s marketing, including blog posts like this one. (Think Patients Don’t Like Taking Healthcare Surveys? Think Again.)

Case studies: Speaking of West, we showcased the videos JONES developed for the company in a blog post that provides a case study of how to incorporate video into the overall marketing strategy. (Secrets For Video Marketing Success: What JONES & West Did Right)

Infographics: We believe in making infographics an integral part of our blog strategy, both sharing useful graphics from other sources (like the one here) and creating our own as part of our blog strategy. Here is a favorite: Content B2B Buyers Want Most.

Authoritative news: HubSpot not only takes on the hottest topics, but also provides extensive background on things the company knows inbound marketers need to understand. Here they outline all the basics about Ripple, a cryptocurrency, simply so readers can be informed. (Everything You Need To Know About Ripple)


Are you ready to try something different for your next B2B blog post? If you still need inspiration or an extra push, download our package of business blog format templates to get started. You’ll find templates to guide you through creating five different kinds of blog posts, from how-to posts and lists to newsjacking posts about the latest in your industry.



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