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Beyond the Blog: Other Ideas for Marketing Content

Beyond the Blog: Other Ideas for Marketing Content


When you focus on inbound and content marketing, your business blog is the center of that inbound marketing universe, but sometimes basic text on a screen can get lost in the shuffle.

Oracle’s infographic offers up a dozen different ways to go beyond the blog and catch readers’ attention with a format that is a little outside the ordinary.

Beyond the Blog: Other Ideas for Marketing Content

Here are more than two dozen content ideas we developed last year:  25 Offers to Appeal to Every Stage of the Buying Cycle.

What other ideas do you have for content that will complement your basic business blog?

Creating a wide variety of content can mean needing staff with skills in a variety of specialties, from writing to design to video editing. If your marketing department is short on numbers, consider how an agency can extend your time and talents effectively and efficiently. Download our JONES Content Creation Solution for details or schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our inbound marketing specialists.

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